October 3, 2014

[the gospel brought to you by the season of fall]

This is my most favorite season.

How can one not enjoy fall? Sounds like a pretty impossible feat if you ask me. (But you didn't.)

I like the crisp, cool weather. The pumpkin flavored e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. The snuggling. The football. The color of trees when they change colors. Umm hello.. comfort food! The scarves and plaid flannels. The anticipation & joy that comes from the beautiful realization that holidays are quickly approaching - ATTENTION: Coming soon: precious time with loved ones and time off of work.

But most of all, I love the imagery of the gospel that I see in fall.

I was thinking about this yesterday on the way home from work. I was listening to "Nothing I Hold Onto" by United Pursuit while passing by trees that were slowly beginning to change colors. It was good.

I don't know if this is how it is with you, but summer is always a busy time for me. I have learned to [a little bit] strongly dislike it. I just feel like, for some reason, in the summer, everyone - myself included - is constantly on the go during the hours of extended daylight. I don't do "always-on-the-go". Eventually, my introvert self gets tired. I get tired of the hot weather. The sweating profusely problem that I may or may not have.. but mostly I get tired of the busyness.

It seems like as fall rolls around, I am done with continual activity. I am so burnt out of trying to get that overflowing to-do list checked off and being social by signing up for activity after activity to fill my schedule while simultaneously attempting to fill my heart, that I simply can't do it anymore. I am trying and trying so hard to be effective & efficient with my numerous summer activities that it gets me. I give up.

Fall is letting go of those habits that aren't so becoming. Fall is realizing I can't do it on my own and letting go. Slowly, becoming so ravaged with the clutter, that I let it loose.

And in winter, even though it is cold and hard - I let go of my 'control' - and slowly, progressively, I see the white. Slowly, I am becoming clean. I am letting go of trying to do it on my own.

And in the spring, I am made new. I am brought through the busyness and the attempt at controlling my own life, the hard times that make me clean and present me as a new creation - white & blameless. And in the spring, I flourish. Only because of the realization that I can't do it on my own. I am not in control. I am never going to get anywhere by over-cramming & checking off items on my to-do list. It is through the hard winter that I learn more about my Creator, about who He created me to be. It is through the winter that He makes me clean - white as snow. And it is in the spring that I am joyful - that I blossom.. understanding that the only reason I am able to blossom is because of the seasons that brought me here - this season of spring. This season of becoming.

And soon and very soon, I will find myself - again - in the continuous cycle of seasons. I will find myself in busyness, in attempting to do things on my own for the false belief that I am all-knowing or something (um.. I know. Ya right.). And I will then recognize it. And come clean. And bloom.

But the best part of it all - it's not the continual transformation or the different life stages. It's the truth that I am always coming right back to the source of life - Jesus Christ - the fulfiller. The pilot. The controller. The cleaner. And the planter who brings about the fresh blooms. Time and time again.


  1. "Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground...." Autumn brings the falling of seeds; Letting Go[d]. Not just of things unbecoming, but things worked for. Of value. The important-to-the-self, even if not inherently bad things, we sometimes (but not always) let go, let die, be subjected to the winter. Even winter wheat, though green before winter, goes dormant. Maybe the winter season of our soul is most like the death to self in baptism. Even so, the dead fallen seed doesn't feel the winter because it's already dead or dormant. Fall's call to let go is the dying process, the letting go, and sometimes the most colorful. "But if it dies, it produces many seeds." Thanks for writing... about things I may need to think some more about - and hopefully not read into more than I should. :-)

  2. You, my friend, need to start writing if you have not yet already (which I am sure you have judging off of your beautiful writing). Completely agree with all that you said. Thank you for sharing and for reading. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. :-) , :-) , ... oh, and also :-) . You're such an encourager!! May you keep "longing for a better country," while yet effectively praying, "...your will be done on earth as it is in heaven."
      Since you're so encouraging, I'll be bold enough to throw in another thought, and perhaps encourage you, too. The "our" in "our Father," especially when praying for or about another believer, sure seems to help in reminding me that this person (or situation with people) belongs to Him as well. Not just MY Father, but "our." :-) I also hope YOUR day is abundantly wonderful.