January 3, 2014

[so this is the new year]

It’s 12:46, and I’m sitting here in my work cubicle on my lunch break. I only have 60 minutes of internet quota time since Blogspot is outlawed by my place of profession (as well as Facebook and Spotify); therefore this post will be choppy & sweet.

- The closing of that novel you’ve been reading all freaking year.
- The second chance you’ve been so eagerly anticipating after that first go around didn't quite cut it.
- Three hundred sixty five acres of pasture full of wide open spaces.. just waiting for your creative little heart to take over and plow, build, run wild – whatever suits your fancy.

..or as some would put it:
I’m ready.. are you?
We made it. You tried your best to keep me down, and at times, you kind of did. BUT.. here I am. I made it through.. ready and feisty as ever to leap into 2014 with this four letter word we call h-o-p-e.
Your antics were both sweet & sour, which I guess in all reality, is quite better than plain & dry. You made me cry, question, and get accommodated with that terrifying thing called change.
You’ve made your presence known, that’s for sure. But you know what? I’m stronger, wiser, and more myself because of you. Everything that brought me here will be worth it – of this I am sure.
And for this reason, I give thanks.
Thank you. For European adventures. Beautiful, intentional friends. Laughter & silliness. A wonderful job with wonderful people. A new car. The gift of partaking in the unions of God seeking couples. Family communication via FaceTime and group messaging when I am a state away. Books with words of meaning and truth. For reminding me to be confident in who I am: a daughter of the King. Thank you even for the times you walked right over me while I was down. I got up.
And now is where I say..
Move along. You’re done here.
“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”
--Ecclesiastes 3:11
My phenomenal Mrs. Mayberry on her wedding day right before she
 married her college golf coach.. life is funny, isn't it?
I wasn't kidding when I said my friends were beautiful.. THIS girl.

The A to my B personality AND she dresses up with me? One word: keeper.
P.S. Pumpkin + Pi(e)
My heart friend and I attending weddings.. it's what we do.
They REALLY are the best.
She gets me. AND she's cute to boot.

Oh ya.. I went to Europe.
 Get at me 2014!