March 5, 2017

[I missed you]

How much have I missed blogging?


Whenever I started designing for Wheat and Honey Co. and shortly thereafter decided to open my own business, Koselig Creative Co., it was quite obvious that priorities and schedules were changing. However, something that I l-o-v-e so much (WRITING) fell by the wayside, and over the past few months I have missed it incredibly. And, the funny part about it is that all along, WORDS have been my fuel.

Don't get me wrong - I highly enjoy good design, watercolor and some hand lettering.. but I love them even more when they're coupled with meaning: a hand lettered watercolor quote that inspires me, designing a brochure for a company that I know makes a difference in the community.. these are the things that get me going.

So here's to fresh restarts and saying "yes" to the things that bring me life. Here's to incorporating deep words of meaning and truth to Koselig through blog posts.

What fuels you?

  1. If money wasn't an issue, what job would you take?
  2. What gives you joy?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. Are these the strengths that close family members and friends have mentioned that they see in you?
  5. What do you think that you need to cut out of your life in order to make space for joy (i.e. things that leave you feeling dull or apathetic)?