December 22, 2011

[today is the day]

TODAY is the day I make my blog.. I have been putting this off for quite some time now. There were finals, there was work, there were obligations, and now.. now, there is time. Christmas Break is what I like to call it. For my first post, I will give a little synopsis on myself and what this blog will entail -  how are you going to decide if you want to read it if you don't even know who I am?

LAURA. Hiking, blaring music in my car, house, shower, anywhere, really (much to my nearly deaf ears' dismay), l-o-v-e, traveling, learning about Jesus, finding my purpose in life, jogging occasionally, lovable family, friends you never get tired of, laughing until you cry, plaid & stripes, writing words of meaning, a good novel, dark chocolate, cool weather, attempting to craft, coffee shops, the University of Oklahoma, blatant honesty, joyful givers, recipes and trying to follow them, learning about photography, snuggling, giving and receiving burned CDs, good scents, decorating, flowers.

This blog will have a {focus} on:
1. Purpose: through Jesus Christ
2. Random, funny stories: I am easy to make fun of, unfortunately
3. Places I encounter (or want to encounter)
4. Recipes - they will not be my own 99% of the time
5. DIY crafts
6. Pictures
7. Music
8. and whatever other stuff I feel like adding

Why Clinks and Clashes?
First off, I enjoy a good glass of wine. Secondly, I feel like life is a complete mixture of clinks and clashes - in a good way, of course. How are we supposed to appreciate the good times for what they truly are if we don't learn how to live through the bad?

and now I leave you with this..
       "and if all went right, what would we have to look forward to?"

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  1. Your blog is amazing Cuz, and I'm glad I have the honor to first comment on this, I feel special, great blog(: